Relationship Analysis Report

There are very few instances in your life when you meet someone who is perfect for you. It’s not that he or she is made flawless by the GOD or you are immaculate, but there are certain heavenly powers that arrange both of yours combined imperfections in such a manner that allows two distinct personalities to hinge together. But how these heavenly powers work? And can you identify that the person you are hanging around is right for you or not? For finding this, we are here to provide you a complete “Relationship Analysis Report”.

Relationships are based on certain factors. It is very necessary that you are mentally and physically compatible with the person you are having a relationship. Casual relations can be built spontaneously, but if you are entering into a serious alliance for a lifetime then you must have the answers of the following questions:

  • How much I am compatible, both physically and mentally with my partner?
  • How lucky is my partner for me in aspects of finance and longevity?
  • Will I be able to enhance the growth of my family after being associated with my partner?
  • Will I be able to attain contentment with regard to kids?
  • Will there be any illnesses, ego clashes or any unfortunate occurrences between me and my partner?
  • Is there any ‘dosh’ like mangal dosh in both of ours horoscopes that can affect the longevity and other phases of our life?

There are many questions that can be answered informally after spending long time with your partner, but many answers can only be acquired through proper calculations of the positions of the planets in your horoscope.

At AstroTar, we have a whole team of Vedic astrologers who are proficient in comparing even the minutest details of yours and your partner’s horoscopes and to analyze the complete effect of planets on both horoscopes. These astrologers comprehensively study your horoscopes on the basis of the birth time, birth date, birth location, Sun sign etc. After the full examination of both the horoscopes, the astrologer frames a balanced report about the harmony and affection between you and your partner.

The report designed by our astrologers will give you an insight about the challenges and powersin your relationship. It will also provide opinion about the astrological compatibility between you and your partner.

Our relationship analysis report will offer you:

  • Your genetic horoscope
  • Personal forecast details
  • Planetary effects on your relationship
  • Impact of houses related to your relation
  • Examination details of your astrological chart
  • Times and phases of coherence and disharmony
  • Special remarks on your love
  • Table of ‘dashas’
  • Analysis of dasha in respect to your relationship
  • Yantra suggestions
  • Suggesting astrological solutions

Our astrologers give expert advice and suggest the way through which you can fill the gaps present in your love life. Sometimes the alliance is at acceptable stage but due to some flaws it is deprived of accomplishment. Our analysis report allows you to eradicate those flaws by simply following the astrological remedies suggested by our astrologers. The relationship analysis report will smoothens the crumples in your relation and permits you to lead a harmonious life ahead.

PRICE: USD 30 | INR1,500

(4-5 Working Days – Delivery By Email)

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