Mangal/Manglik Dosha Report

When Mangal, or the planet Mars houses itself in one of the certain house of one’s horoscope, a person is said to be ‘Manglik’. Being a ‘Manglik’ brings a lot of hurdles in marriage as it mostly predicts that your married life is to suffer inauspicious events that can even cause harm to othe life of your spouse.

Mars is known to cast malefic influences on the lives of individual and being Manglik is considered to be a ‘Dosha’. Indian or Vedic astrology have recognized the ill effects of Mars’s influence on your life and now even western views in astrology also support these findings.

At the time of marriage, it is a common practice to match the horoscopes and do a ‘Guna Milan’ to find the compatibility of a couple. Having a ‘ManglikDosha’ in a particular house of the horoscope leads to the rejection of even the most suitable match for you, and it is really essential to find out the Mars’s influence on your life.

At AstroTar, we have expert astrologers who specialize in making detailed manglik report

A Manglik report contains:

  • The position of celestial bodies at the time of birth
  • Your natal horoscope
  • Personal details regarding astrology
  • Houses concerned with mars and its effect on your life
  • Role of planet mars in your horoscope and life
  • Remedial steps you should take in order to neutralize ‘ManglikDosha’

It is a must to get this report, if your wish to address to the issue of being Manglik, as ‘ManglikDosha’ can be neutralized if known on time which also helps in eliminating mental trouble in the future at the time of marriage. Manglik report will tell you if Mars is going to affect your married life, or it will not have any impact. This helps you in getting a mental peace about your future life and marriage, where this specific problem can cause quite lot of trouble.

We at Astrotar, give you the best remedial steps, if you are a Manglik with the use ‘Yantra’s’ and other astrological remedies with sure shot results which you can see to minimize the impact of Mars on your horoscope.

PRICE: USD $30 | INR 1500

(4-5 Working Days – Delivery By Email)

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