Gemstone Report

Gemstones have been long known to bring strength in one’s horoscopes as each single gemstone hasa dominant planet associated with it. Gemstones are known to bring luck and money and also good health based on the type of gemstone and the associated planet with it. Ruby, Pearl, Coral, Emerald, Yellow Sapphire, Diamond, Blue Sapphire, Zircon and Lapis Lazuli have been identified as the ones that impact various celestial bodies and wearing them makes a person’s particular planet strong and brings the features associated with that planet to him.

A Gemstone Report is one that carefully studies a particular gemstone, and gives an analytical report about the weight, measurements, shape, cut, color and identification of the stone. Gemstone reports are issued to the stones that originate naturally and make it a point to prove the genuineness of the stone.

It is essential that before placing a gemstone in one’s life, one should make sure a person checks the genuineness of a gemstone. First, one must make sure that a gemstone is natural in its origins and then get it tested with the help of experienced astrologers to make sure about its strength and abilities.

We at AstroTar, make sure to give the most accurate and detailed gemstone report, through careful analysis and study of a particular gemstone. Our reputed and experienced gemstone experts and astrologers give accurate results in one of the most comprehensive gemstone reports around that make very sure that you be clear about a gemstone’s influence and magnitude based on its weight, shape, cut, color etc.

The Gemstone report made by our astrologers includes:

  • The detailed analysis of the stone
  • Color, type, carat and other details of the stone
  • How lucky is the stone for you?
  • Which is the best time and day to wear the stone?
  • The best way to wear the stone
  • Which metal like gold, silver, ashthadhaatu is good to instill the stone?
  • How the stone would impact your future?
  • Till when you are supposed to wear the stone
  • Astrological measures to take while wearing the stone

With all these information, you can get the maximum benefit from the stone. At AstroTar we make sure to give you the best gemstone report.

PRICE: USD $30 | INR 1500

(4-5 Working Days – Delivery By Email)

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