Isn’t it fascinating to know the past, present and future details of your life? Isn’t it exciting to identify the times when your life would be the comfortable and when it will be slightly sloppy so that you can take precautions on time? Yes, of course because being humans we all wish to make our lives prosperous and fruitful and this can only happen when we know the events to occur in our life much in advance. The only science that can help you to decipher the prominent happenings in your life is Vedic science.

This is a proven fact that a person’s life is dominated by the movement and placement of stars and planets. With the help of your birth time, date and place of birth; you can get the actual predictions about your life, career, wealth, love and marriage. These predictions are very helpful for you while you take any important decision in your life.

AstroTar is your ultimate destination where you can get your complete horoscope made by the expert Vedic astrologers. Our experienced and trained astrologers are proficient in their field and make sure that your life becomes smooth with the help of their suggestions and Vedic remedies.

Here are the details that we provide through our ‘horoscope making’ service:

  • Yearly predictions orVarshphal’ – Varshphal means the predictions for round the year. These predictions about your life, career, wealth, love and marriage are made by reading the platonic effects on you. Starting from your date of birth, these predictions apply till the day before your birthday next year.
  • Birth time rectification – In this report, we determine the exact birth time of those who do not know their time of birth at all or have incorrect time. With the help of some information taken from the client, we identify the time and rectify the horoscope accordingly.
  • Gemstone report – Gemstones are recommended according to your horoscope or as per your Sun sign. Our astrologers examine the gemstone carefully and recommend it to you with complete report including the weight, color, carat and effects of the stone on your life.
  • Manglik report –‘Mangaldosha’ is considered very crucial in any horoscope. This dosha affects the marriage, love and even career adversely hence we provide the detailed report along with remedies to eradicate this doshsa from your horoscope.

Apart from these details, we also provide various important specifics mentioned in your horoscope. Vedic astrologers at AstroTar wish to give you a hurdle free life therefore we strive hard to offer the most accurate predictions and vedic solutions so that you can lead a happy life.

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