Child Astrology

Birth of a child is indeed one of the most important events in one’s life. Everyone wishes to see his or her child born in the most favorable period so that child’s can have a bright future. But how is it possible to change the natural procedure? It is God’s wish to grant a happy life to every new born but on earth, Vedic astrology is the only means to make a child’s future blissful.

Yes, like adult astrology, child astrology is one of the important aspects in astrology. Vedic principles and philosophies can help the parents to create a heavenly and pleasurable life for their newborn.

AstroTar, like other astrological predictions, also has the facilities to offer forecast of kids. As we already know, the position of stars and planets at the time of birth has great impact over child’s future. These stars and planets could be either favorably places or could be placed adversely and affects the life of a child accordingly. Favorable conditions are always welcome, but problem comes when unfavorable situations occur. In order to avert or to eliminate these unfavorable conditions, Vedic astrology is the best method.

Let’s have a look at some general points that are considered when a child is born:

  • How would be the overall health of the newborn?
  • How lucky would be the baby for the parents and the entire family?
  • If girl is born, would she be able to bring luck in her husband’s life?
  • How smooth would be the finance and career path for the baby in future?

Many other questions similar to these come in our mind at the time of the birth of a child.

Vedic astrology has the answers to all such questions. Astrologers at AstroTar provide the following reports in child astrology:

  • Detailed horoscope of child – It includes the exact position of stars and planets in the various houses, favorable periods for education/job and general predictions for the entire life.
  • Basic astrology report for child – This includes complete characteristic of the child, health, career, finance, luck for parents and family and various other considerations.
  • Combined analysis report – This includes description of all the planets and stars in the child’s horoscope and their effects on life. Also this report contains the remedies to avoid the adverse effects of these stars and planets.
  • Selection of birth time – This is one of the most crucial services we provide. Here we determine the best time for the child birth. This applies only for C-section or caesarian deliveries. Although it’s an act opposite to nature, we endeavor to offer the exact and most suitable birth time.

With all these child astrology reports, we try to make your child’s future prosperous and blissful.

PRICE: USD 50 | INR 2,500

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