Cancer Horoscope 2021

The 4th star sign in the horoscope is Cancer. Cancer people are introvert and like to keep most of the things to themselves. You will hardly find them expressing their feelings openly, even to their loved ones. It is mostly because of the fear of their trust which they think can be lost if they share their feelings with their close friends or family members. They find it extremely hard to trust people and as a result, they keep on building anger inside them. Their negative outlook for life also is their great weakness which also reflects in their personality. They are very sensitive as well and do have the tendency to easily get emotionally hurt by any negative remarks or lose comments from people in their surroundings. They do have very sharp memory and also remember very minute details of very old events from the past. If somebody has done a favor for them, they will never forget and similarly, if somebody hurt or deceived them in the past, then they wouldn’t forget that either. The best thing about Cancer people is that they can stand on any platform and against anyone for the truth and justice and they can go to any extreme when it comes to supporting a noble cause.

Keywords Pertaining to Cancer Strength:

  • Loyal
  • Responsive
  • Flexible
  • Dependable
  • Caring

Keywords Pertaining to Cancer Strength:

  • Moody
  • Introvert
  • Sensitive
  • Clingy
  • Self-pitying

A Deep Characteristic Analysis of Cancer:

The following are some of the characteristic attributes which you will normally associate with people under the Cancer zodiac sign:

  • Cancer and Friendship – Cancer people have a very simple rule in friendship. They will be loyal to those people who are loyal to them. They believe in long lasting friendship and cherish all good moments of their friendship for a long time. They always want to make their friends feel special about themselves. They pamper their friends and try to do all sorts of things which can make them happy. They have a limited friend circle and they blindly trust all their friends.
  • Cancer People as Businessmen – The main issue with Cancer people is shyness and a lot of insecurities about several things. Once, they get over it, then they can be extremely good in business. They have a powerful character and got everything which is needed by a good businessman. They have good intuition and can forecast the future, which is a very important characteristic in business. They have the right idea as how to accumulate wealth and where to invest.
  • Cancer Temperament – They have very complex and fragile temperament. If they get angry, then very quickly they cool down as well. But they do have a tendency of getting irritated by small things. They can be easily offended and have the tendency to sulk deep down in self pity.

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