Marriage Compatibility Report

Are you in search of that one special person whom you can call your soulmate? Do you believe, when two people are tied in the sacred alliance called ‘Marriage’, there are certain vibes that changes the lives of both the partners? If yes, then you are at the right place because here at AstroTar, we also believe that marriages are made in heaven and on earth the two partners are supposed to find each other for a bright future. But how would you come to know that a particular person is suitable for a lifetime alliance? Or how compatible is your chosen partner with you? To know the answers for all these and many other questions related to your marriage compatibility, you can consult the astrologers at AstroTar.

We at AstroTar, applies all the principles of vedic astrology to identify your compatibility and suitability with your partner for marriage. Generally, as per the astrology, there are 36 Gunas or points that are matched in the horoscopes of both the male and female. Among these 36 points, it is mandatory that 18 points should be matched else the alliance would be rejected. However, if there 18-24 points are matched, the alliance would be acceptable but if there are 32 or more points are matched, astrologers consider the alliance highly auspicious. In all cases, matching of other aspects apart from the ‘gunas’ should also be matched for a perfect long term relation. Some other aspects include:

  • Personality traits of both
  • Mental and intellectual thinking
  • Physical and sexual compatibility
  • Longevity and finance after marriage
  • Prosperity and kids

Astrology Experts are AstroTar make sure that horoscopes of both male and female are studied carefully so that no point is left behind. They also recommend solutions or vedic remedies in order to eradicate the minor compatibility issues from both the horoscopes.

So, if you desire to take your relationship to an ultimate level without any hurdles, Order the Marriage Compatibility Report at AstroTar and make your married life blissful!

PRICE: USD 28 | INR 1,150

(4-5 Working Days – Delivery By Email)

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