Known as Hindu astrology, Indian astrology and Jyotish; astrology is considered a vast field with many hidden aspects. As of late, Jyotish is also called Vedic astrology as all the predictions and assumptions are made as per the ‘Vedas’. Astrologers consider 4 Hindu Vedas as the basis of all their readings and analysis of the horoscopes. Also the astrology is based on the movement and placement of the stars and planets in the space.

There are 9 planets and each planet has a specific value and set of properties as per the astrology. There is one ruling planet in each person’s life and that ruling planet transforms the events of that person’s life. However, all planets show their different effects on the life of a human being.

Why Astrology is Important?

  • To know the detailed horoscope or prediction or entire life of a person
  • To know the basic character of the person
  • To determine the different aspects of a person’s life like health, career, education, love, marriage and success
  • To identify the most favorable and most unfavorable time in a person’s life
  • Ups and downs in life
  • To determine the most suited remedy for eradicating the adversities

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