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Love Transit Report

Love is the most resilient feeling on this earth and it is the core of every relationship. Like marital association, blissful love life is also pre destined. Vedic astrology is one of the most powerful sciences that can identify the events and the timings that can affect your love life. If you are well aware of the periods that can alter your love for good or bad, you can easily plan your future moves. Moreover, you can save your love life from unwanted hassles and even you can enhance the chances of getting into a long term alliance with our love partner.

According to the Vedic astrology, Moon, Venus and Jupiter are the three main planets that when transit, largely affects your love life. Hence, it is very necessary to know the actual transits of these planets in your horoscope so that you can take astrological remedies to have happy married/love life.

Now let’s take a brief look on the planets that affects your Married/Love life.

  • Jupiter – It is a benefic planet. In your horoscope there are different houses where the planet resides and transit after a period of time. 7th house is considered ‘House of spouse’. The position of Jupiter in this house and its effect on this 7th house determines how blissful your married/love life would be. The position of Jupiter also helps in selecting the best partner for a happy life. It is told by the astrologers that if Jupiter is in 7th house, it is not a good sign for your love life.
  • Venus – Like Jupiter, Venus also puts large impact on your love life. Placement of Venus in 7th house makes or breaks any love alliance. Venus in 7thhouse, is bad for any love/marriage relation.
  • Moon –Moon describes your need for love. It is the planet that influences your love life with your inner feelings. It has been noticed that romance and sexual desires are at the peak during the transit of moon or at full moon. This is the reason that the position and the phases of the Moon should be determined in order to know changes in your love life.

Our astrology experts are highly knowledgeable about the transit periods and effects of these planets. They identify the following points in your and your partner’s horoscope to make effective love transit report:

  • What is the exact status of 5th and 7th houses?
  • Transit periods and placements of Venus, Moon and Jupiter
  • Divisional charts as per VimsottariDasha System

Your love transit report results into a comprehensive report containing all the periods and timings when you are required to be pro-active in your love/married life. It also states the period when you need to go slow. You can easily determine the period when you can face issues with your love partner and our astrologers are always here to provide solutions to avoid such situations. Moreover, you can consult your love transit report prior to any move in your married/love life to achieve success.

We at AstroTar offer Love Transit report for certain time periods like for 3, 6 or 12 months; as per your requirement. The report will also include monthly love predictions.

So, hurry up grab the copy of your Love Transit Report at AstroTar at competitive price and give your love life a smooth sail!

PRICE: USD $20 | INR 1050

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